Mystery Musicians Form Wizard Tree and Release Soulful Track ‘The Lake’

Wizard Tree - Courtesy
Wizard Tree - Courtesy


Out of Joshua Tree, where mystical things are a regular occurrence, a new and mysterious band called wizard tree has emerged. The project has released its first track, “The Lake,” which can be heard here.

The desert has a way of bringing out the innovation in those who set foot on its dusty dirt, and wizard tree proves that truth. There’s no shortage of cool new tech generated by these talented and quirkily-clothed ethereal beings. And though their stylized name may present a challenge for modern keyboards, the music stirs those with rock in their souls.

wizard tree
wizard tree is other-worldly but still maintains social media – courtesy EL3

They may be cloaked in anonymity, but it’s clear from the quality of the modern rock-soul vibes that wizard tree is not merely some PR “schtick.” The project’s original sound, however, does feature “the wizard stick,” a modified bass guitar that sends multiple signals to multiple amplifiers producing a ground-shaking vibe. The stick, blended with fuzzy lead guitar, gives the wizard tree a soulful, and extremely captivating blues-rock sound.

The video for their new track “The Lake,” was produced by Adam O’Rourke.

Anonymity has been a key for this project, as the duo plus their renowned drummer have regular “day jobs” as well-known players in the music world. They’re prepping some new tracks for the upcoming year.

But of course, as a sign of the times, the mysterious band does have earthly social media, and a website, which you can check out here.

Check out ‘The Lake’ by wizard tree here: