Nation of Language Releases Sophomore Album, ‘A Way Forward’

Nation of Language - Piper Ferguson
Nation of Language - Piper Ferguson

Edited by JOHN DALY

Nation of Language has released its second album A Way Forward.

With A Way Forward the Brooklyn trio captures the trials and tribulations of modern life — from the simplest forms of human connection to surviving a world in which political corporate machines spew a stream of digital pollution through every device.

“‘A Way Forward’ is an exploration of the band’s relationship to the music of the 70s, through the lenses of krautrock and early electronic music,” said Ian Devaney. “We aimed to more deeply trace the roots of our sound, hoping to learn something from the early influences of our early influences. Experimenting with how they might be reinterpreted in our modern context – looking further backward to find a way forward.”

A Way Forward track list:

01. In Manhattan

02. Across That Fine Line

03. Wounds of Love

04. Miranda

05. The Grey Commute

06. This Fractured Mind

07. Former Self

08. Whatever You Want

09. A Word & A Wave

10. They’re Beckoning