Luis Moreno Photos + Review: Wolf Alice Bring Heartfelt Show to the Teragram Ballroom

Wolf Alice at Teragram - Photo by LUIS MORENO
Wolf Alice at Teragram - All Photos © 2021 LUIS MORENO

Review and Photos by LUIS MORENO

Welcome to the world of the Wolf according to Alice. Wolf Alice is Ellie Rowsell vocalist, guitarist Joff Oddie, drummer Joel Amey, and bassist Theo Ellis.

The band was recently at the Teragram Ballroom in celebration of Blue Weekend which was released earlier this year and produced by Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Bjork, Mumford & Sons).

The evening started out intense with “Smile” from their new album, and a few seconds later the band kicked in with the rest of the conversation. From that point Wolf Alice took the audience for a stroll with “Beautifully Unconventional” as one would when being wooed.

Like any relationship taking its course the mood shifted throughout the night with “Planet Hunter” from Visions of Life 2017 release. To the quick paced and frenzied “Play the Greatest Hits” from the Blue Weekend album.

The night’s most tender moments came with “No Hard Feelings” as one would say when getting ready to leave a friend, lover or audience. But the best was almost saved for last with “The Last Man on Earth,” which is something almost everyone who’s ever loved has heard.

Wolf Alice is really blossoming into their own special kind of band. Not just with great studio albums, but live shows that physically and emotionally exhaust you. As with any great relationship.