Single Girl, Married Girl Captures ‘Generations’ with Performance at Hotel Café

Single Girl Married Girl - Harriet Kaplan
Single Girl Married Girl - Harriet Kaplan


Single Girl, Married Girl offered lovely, lilting pop, folk, and Americana music that went down smooth and easy at the Hotel Café . 

The seven-song set of original material at Hotel Cafe’s Main Stage recently was featured from the band’s upcoming album due for release on November 19th, Three Generations Of Leaving. This album chronicles the challenges of three generations of women (the matriarch, one of her daughters, and her estranged granddaughter) that come from the same family. It touches on an expansive time frame from the 1950s, 1960s to present. 

Single Girl Married Girl Harriet Kaplan photo
Single Girl Married Girl Harriet Kaplan photo

Chelsey Coy who is the principle lead singer and who plays banjo penned the songs along with her husband and co-writer Gary Knight. With a brave intensity and candidness, Coy and Knight tackle the very real and difficult issues that run the gamut of loss and drug addiction also insecurity and depression. 

There were several high points in the set including: “Walking on Water,” “Let You Back In,” “Control” and their latest single, “Wreck Cut Loose.” The songwriting style of Single Girl, Married Girl has been complimentary and favorably compared to past elements hardening a folk vibe of Pete Seeger, Joan Baez combined with a modern twist of Jenny Lewis and Brandi Carlisle.

Coy has strong, clear and powerful voice that captivated the audience. She’s also a talented and very accomplished musician. The crowd was quietly fixated on her very approachable, humble and gracious presence which was anchored by a self-assured demeanor. Coy has a very pleasant and engaging personality. 

Single Girl Married Girl Gary - Photo by Harriet Kaplan
Single Girl Married Girl Gary – Photo by Harriet Kaplan

Between songs, Coy, dressed in a ’60s-inspired pantsuit with paisley patterns on it, talked to the audience, often telling stories about the songs and promoting the upcoming album. Accompanying Coy was Jesse Fichman on electric guitar, Ben Greenberg on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Hannah Rose Dexter on upright bass and Oskar Haggdahl on drums and Jadea Kelly who sang background on “Looking.” All the backing players deftly, tastefully and with subtlety and nuance gave the arrangements with just the right touch and feel.

Single Girl, Married Girl have a signature sound and style that works incredibly well together as an ensemble. Hotel Cafe is the perfect place to showcase their exceptional gifts as performers and musicians with impactful and powerful songs that seemed to tap in universal and relatable themes most people can embrace and take to heart.

Single Girl Married Girl at Hotel Cafe - Photo by Harriet Kaplan
Single Girl Married Girl at Hotel Cafe – Photo by Harriet Kaplan

Set List

Water on Water

So She Runs

Let You Back In

Wreck Cut Loose