That’s ‘All She Wrote’ Folks: New Zealand’s Six60 Rocks The Fonda – Review

Six60 at The Fonda in Hollywood - Photo by Ricardo Curiel.
Six60 at The Fonda in Hollywood - Photo by Ricardo Curiel


New Zealand’s Six60 put on an incredibly polished, crowd-pleasing show at the Fonda Theatre recently. The event drew New Zealanders from near and far who came to see their favorite guys and it’s no wonder why.

It was a very upbeat, positive and lively performance that illustrated why Six60 fills stadiums around the world. The band features vocalist Matiu Walters on guitar, Ji Fraser on lead guitar, Chris Mac on bass, Marlon Gerbes on synths and samples, and Eli Paewai on drums. They were in constant motion onstage, smiling often and clearly in a great mood to play live. 

Six60 performs at The Fonda - Photo by Ricardo Curiel.
Six60 performs at The Fonda – Photo by Ricardo Curiel

Six60’s unbridled enthusiasm and endless supply of energy helped to generate crowd participation. That wasn’t very hard to do as many fans were out in force and very excited to see their favorite group perform, several of the fans were born in New Zealand and also people flew in from outside of California to see Six60 perform. 

They would sing along to every number, take photos and video the group and hold up homemade banners paying tribute to this iconic and successful act. Six60’s music is a sonic blend of pop, rock, reggae and dubstep. The band has released four albums that have gone to Number one and 44 Platinum singles. Six60 has also played to crowds of more 20,000 people at one time across the globe. 

Six60 at the Fonda - Photo by Ricardo Curiel.
Six60 at the Fonda – Photo by Ricardo Curiel.

The expansive set list at Fonda Theater encompassed 19 songs that are reflective of their musical output to date. The material is motivational and inspirational and features general themes that are universal and relatable to literally anyone and tend be athematic.

Highlights included  “All She Wrote,” “Please Don’t Go,” “Never Enough,” and “Ghosts.” Matiu Walters is a striking and handsome frontman who is real natural onstage. He is very comfortable, relaxed and self assured. Walters has a solid melodic vocal range and very sings well and can handle all the styles of music Six60 perform with seamless ease and just like the seasoned pro that he is. 

Six60 rocks The Fonda - Photo by Ricardo Curiel.
Six60 rocks The Fonda – Photo by Ricardo Curiel.

The rest of the band is a great fit so to speak and complimentary to one another musically. The vibe and personalities of all members really meshed just right together. They all seemed in sync and unison onstage. The stage had a clean look with great production values and lighting along with gorgeous imagery projected on the screens behind the band.

Six60 - Photo by Ricardo Curiel
Six60 – Photo by Ricardo Curiel

Overall, the Six60’s show was hit and winner with their fans delivering catchy and accessible songs they know and love. One could say it was too slickly done and maybe too perfectly executed but Six60 delivered the goods live, yes like a well-oil machine, but they did reach their audience, too, on a visceral level emotionally. There was a lot of heart and feeling emitting from the stage beyond the obvious precision and perfection that gave the show real substance and dimension when all was said and done.

Six60 set list

Never Enough
Please don’t go
All she wrote
Rolling stone
White lines
Long Gone



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