We Are Scientists Don’t Experiment to Obtain Good Results with ‘Huffy’

We Are Scientists Drop Huffy - Danny Lee Allen


We Are Scientists have returned with the new album Huffy, a 10-track collection of cleverly written tracks that bust out with pop-punk power.

Keith Murray and bass player Chris Cain rip through a range of appealing tracks on Huffy applying some trademark tricks including their collective quirky sense of humor. But the Scientists don’t experiment with this great-sounding album.

We Are Scientists release ‘Huffy’ – Courtesy

While tracks like “You’ve Lost Your Shit” and “I Cut My Own Hair” and “Pandemonium” tap into the band’s core sound of raging rockers, the tracks “Sentimental Education” and “Bought Myself a Grave” show off the Scientists’ true musical talent. Huffy is a keeper for We Are Scientists fans. Get it here.

Check out ‘Huffy’ on Spotify:

In addition, Huffy is starting to expand into something more than a collection of well-received indie rock songs. The tracks have inspired a line of We Are Scientists custom cocktails. 

Currently being unveiled on Instagram, complete with video tutorials and accompanying theme songs, fans can now learn to mix their very own classic Keylime Yum, Dog Tongue and Earth Scoop cocktails at home.

Check out ‘Sentimental Education’ here: