Live Music Review: Paris Jackson Finding Her Own Way with Solo Record, ‘wilted’

Paris Jackson - Harriet Kaplan photo
Paris Jackson - Harriet Kaplan photo

Photos and Review by HARRIET KAPLAN

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, “The King of Pop,” recently performed at Hotel Café, playing a short but pleasant set.

Jackson played original music from her debut solo album, wilted, which features 11 tracks that show a diverse range of musical style.

The material was obviously very personal in nature and is inspired by the juxtaposition of love and heartbreak and has an alternative indie-folk-rock flavor to it. She accompanied herself on the acoustic guitar. 

Jackson spoke briefly between songs during the subdued and intimate performance at the venue’s sold-out Main Stage. 

Paris Jackson – Photo by Harriet Kaplan

Jackson seemed somewhat more at ease during this show than when she performed with her then-partner Gabriel Glenn under the group moniker “The Sunflowers” at The Roxy. At that time, the singer-songwriter released a self-titled EP under the group name The Sunflowers with Glenn. She was far more tentative and shy at that time, but at Hotel Café she seemed more confident in her performance.

Jackson has played the rounds of local clubs in honing her stage work. The 23-year-old musician and model is working hard to perfect her music and to embrace her musical roots. 

The title track for the new album, “Wilted,” came out of a collaboration with Andy Hull and Robert McDowell from Manchester Orchestra. They both worked on her demos after Jackson signed with Republic Records.