Joyous Wolf Delivers Wild Performance at The Viper Room

Joyous Wolf at the Viper Room Photos by Harriet Kaplan

Photos and Review by HARRIET KAPLAN

With swagger, good looks and a solid base of modern and classic stylized rock and roll songs that pumped up the nearly-capacity crowd at The Viper Room, Joyous Wolf was all about non-stop energy and played with no-nonsense attitude.

The Orange County- based alternative rock band featuring Nick Reese on vocals, Blake Allard on guitar, Greg Braccio on bass and Robert Sodaro on bass, was on a fervent and exciting mission to deliver the best performance possible and succeeded.


Joyous Wolf is incredibly tight and talented musicians that together create an explosive synergy of sound. Allard is a consummate guitarist playing blistering and searing riffs. The engaging set was incredibly physical and animated as well as with frontman Reese moving all around the stage in a series of rock star poses. At one point, he even jumped off the stage and went into the crowd spinning around on the floor, splits  and started doing all kinds of flips. Think of James Brown dance moves.

Reese’s vocals possess a howling intensity both blues influenced and tinged with a grunge edge. Los Angeles radio station KLOS was directly supporting and sponsoring the show. Matt Pinfield introduced the band. It was a kickoff to the current Fearless Tour now in progress with Of Limbo.

Moon Fever also played at The Viper Room. Both bands give equally unforgettable sets that put the audience in a raucous party mood. The five-song set by Joyous Wolf was very strong. The momentum grow and built upward progressively and intently without any lulls in the set. Each number transitioned seamlessly into the others including original material such as “Fearless,” “Quiet Heart,” “Karma,” “Mother Rebel” and the dynamic, driving and urgent version of The Mountain cover of “Mississippi Queen.”

Though the set was brief, Joyous Wolf was fire across the board in every way it matters when you go to see a rock and roll band giving it their absolute all and with really a powerful show that moves you to your core.