Love Ghost and Satellite Citi Blend Good Music with Important Message at Troubadour

Satellite Citi gives a positive message - Photo by Harriet Kaplan
Satellite Citi at the Troubadour - Photo by Harriet Kaplan


Love Ghost and Satellite Citi co-headlined a show at The Troubadour recently that was unique, aggressive, and in-your-face Rock N Roll. 

It was billed as “Back To The Troubadour,” a night of music that raised money to help music industry professionals in need of financial assistance, as well as putting the focus on mental health.

The “haunting” music of Love Ghost permeated The Troubadour straddling the lines between fragile and delicate grunge and lo-fi bedroom hip hop. It was accentuated by the very guttural, raw and emotional vocal delivery of front man Finnegan Bell on lead vocals and guitar. The band’s direct influences include The Smashing Pumpkins, My Chemical Romance, Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, City Morgue and $uicideboys$. 

Love Ghost - Photo by Harriet Kaplan
Love Ghost – Photo by Harriet Kaplan

The early incarnation of the Love Ghost took flight in 2016 and was solidified further by 2019 with their present lineup. It was then things really started to take off. Since then, Love Ghost’s music and videos have had millions of views on YouTube and through Spotify streams. They have toured outside of the U.S., in Japan and Ireland and Educador. That is where they built an international fan base.

Given mental health was a central theme to this show, it’s important to note the band even has mission statement around that topic being they want “to give a voice to the voiceless and heal people with depression and anxiety.” 

Love Ghost at the Troubadour - Photo by Harriet Kaplan
Love Ghost at the Troubadour – Photo by Harriet Kaplan

Love Ghost performed a number of singles they have released to date that reflect that topic and more including hard times, living on the edges, and the excesses that come with it: “Angel With a Smoking Gun,” “Cocoon,” “Pink Car,” “Pillz (the Sky is Falling), “Tribe,” “Clouds,” “I’ll be “fine,” “Chasin’ Money and Bitches,” Punxx”, “Fade Away (Shave my Head),” “Closure,” and “Kamikaze.” 

The band is comprised of Daniel Alcala on lead guitar and backing vocals, Ryan Stevens on bass and backing vocals, Cory Batchler on keyboards and backing vocals and Samson Young on drums and backing vocals. They gave a lot of texture, nuance, as well as fire, and passion to the overall eclectic soundscape of Love Ghost’s gripping and searing set at The Troubadour.

Satellite Citi at the Troubadour - Photo by Harriet Kaplan
Satellite Citi at the Troubadour – Photo by Harriet Kaplan

Satellite Citi are really an incredibly compelling, hard-rock band fronted by drummer and vocalist Anna Gevorkian and guitarist Shaunt Sulahianare. The dynamic and soaring 10-song set was supplemented by the anonymously named Spacewalkers 1, 2 and 3 on guitars and keyboards that really brought that futuristic sonic vibe to the forefront.

Propelled forward with the crisp and thunderous drumming of Gevorkia, she also offered up distinctive vocal melody parts. The monster and thunderous riffs were provided by Sulahianare. They are both Armenian-Americans born and were raised in Los Angeles.

Satellite Citi - Courtesy of Harriet Kaplan
Satellite Citi – Courtesy of Harriet Kaplan

The alternative rock duo formed in 2015 and released their EP debut Negative Space. It’s characterized by a combination of psychedelic raw power immersed in social consciousness. Though the songs performed were all off their newly released, first full-length album, “Fear Tactics,” which they performed its entirety: “Fear Is The Mind Killer,” “Getaway,” “Awake,” “Black Magic”, “Lay Me Down,” “Reaper,” “Empath,” “Smother,” “Antibody” and “Miscommunication.” 

The new LP’s core themes focus on mental health. They also correspond to the band’s own struggles of dealing with fear and anxiety. Which is even so more exacerbated by the more complex and complicated framework within today’s culture defined these days by isolation and dread in an increasingly more unfriendly and hostile world. Satellite Citi also paid respect to Armenian heritage.