Paul McCartney Upcoming Book ‘Lyrics’ Reveals Never Recorded Song ‘Tell Me Who He Is’

Paul McCartney - Photo by Mary McCartney


A previously unreleased song, “Tell Me Who He Is” is one of the new revelations of Paul McCartney’s upcoming book The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present.

McCartney’s new book is set for a Nov. 2 release and it details 154 songs covering his music career.

“Tell Me Who He Is” was revealed after the discovery of a notebook from the early 1960s which contains the handwritten lyrics to the never-recorded song from The Beatles.

Paul McCartney on Twitter
Paul McCartney on Twitter


The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present covers songs from The Beatles as well as Wings. Some of the songs included include “Blackbird,” “Back in the USSR,” “Good Day Sunshine,” “Helen Wheels,” “Hey Jude,” “Live And Let Die” among others.

The book was written in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning Irish poet, Paul Muldoon.

“When some people get to a certain age they go to a diary to recall the past, but I have no such notebooks,” McCartney says in a February promotional video for the book. “What I have is my songs.” 

In addition, The British Library will host an exhibit which honors Sir Paul as “one of the world’s most successful songwriters and performers.” The library will display material from the book including McCartney’s handwritten lyrics.

Check out the Paul McCartney video for ‘The Lyrics’ here: