Plain White T’s Deliver the Goods with Lively Show in Redondo Beach

Plain White Ts' Tom Higgenson - Luis Moreno
Plain White T's Tom Higgenson - Luis Moreno

Photos and Review by LUIS MORENO
Photo Editor

I was on my way to watch a new artist at the Redondo Beach Performing Art Center, when lo and behold I looked up and saw the Plain White T’s were performing. 

Yes, the same band that gave us the No. 1 hit with “Hey there Delilah” from 2007 that earned a Grammy nomination. The band’s songs “1234” and “Rhythm of Love” were certified platinum in 2009 and 2011.  

Plain White T’s – Luis Moreno

So, I decided to hang around and catch Plain White Ts to see what they’re like today. To my wonderful surprise the moderate sized crowd that showed up to support the band were true, true fans who recognized songs from their first album STOP.  

The Plain White Ts played several songs from their last album Parallel Universe. The lead singer Tom Higgenson even teased the crowd with news that they’ll be coming out with a new album by the end of next year, but they wouldn’t play any new songs on this night.

Plain White Ts' Tom Higgenson - Luis Moreno
Plain White T’s Tom Higgenson – Luis Moreno

Then, Tim Lopez the lead guitarist took to the mic and told the story behind “The Giving Tree,” a song he wrote about an unrequited love that pained and scorched him. That was probably the most tender moment of the set.

After that they started back with their bouncy tunes and almost anthemic-style songs that grabbed their audience and had the fans jumping up and down. So the crowd got pretty raucous and the fun kicked into high gear. 

Plain White T’s in Redondo Beach – Photo by Luis Moreno

Watching the band members banter back and forth with their fans was heartwarming and exciting for many attendees for whom this was their first live concert since the pandemic struck the globe and shut down all live events.  

It was a great reminder why live music is so important to me and so many others. There’s no energy that comes close to it.

So if you ever have a chance to catch the Plain White T’s show, it’s for sure that a great concert will certainly break out.