Warbly Jets Bring Life Back to LA with Long-Anticipated Monday Night Residency

Warbly Jets at The Echo Mondays - Notes From Vivace


I’ve always loved the Los Angeles residencies tradition across our local venues. I’ve gotten to catch some wonderful bands and musicians over the  years: Local Natives at the Silverlake Lounge, Dorothy at The Satellite, Gavin Turek at the Bootleg Theater, Lauren Ruth Ward at The Echo. With that, I was obviously excited when I learned that the Warbly Jets were doing an August residency at The Echo.

Their 11-song set sent chills up the spine as their music reverberated through the venue. The set started off with their late 2020 release, “NASA.” Vocalist Samuel Shea took the role of charismatic lead as he took command of the stage. Synth Julien O’Neill hit his notes and then could be seen taking some smooth steps off to the side, before returning to keep the electronic core moving forward. To emphasize the sound, the backstage lights flashed across the stage, ever so briefly piercing through the darkness. What was noticed: the band had taped off the floor and their gear fit perfectly in the taped off blocks. Check out Warbly Jets on Instagram.

Warbly Jets continue their residency – Photo by Notes From Vivace

Opening up the return of the residency was Kevin. The band started off with some heavy metal initial beats before transitioning to their well loved dissonant punk sounds. This band can go from hypnotic tones to heart attack rapidity all within one frenzied song. For their song “I Am God,” they took their set right into the middle of the audience where their Pentecostal bodies gyrated to convert the audience. They ended the set by telling everyone that it was impossible to find them on social media and so no one should try and find them. But really, you should.

Kevin is the Worst – Photo by Notes From Vivace

MOTHÉ was playing their first set in this iteration of the band. They definitely put the effort into this first outing. Showing love was a number of fans who showed up to celebrate the set. The band had us dancing at times and at other times realizing that it was okay to be alone. Their pop vibes with a rocking sound had fans cheering away throughout their final song. Check out their Instagram page.

Mothe – Notes From Vivace

Closing out the night, after Warbly Jets, was Don De Vore of Collapsing Scenery. The set was played off to the side. There were multiple electronics that must have taken an extraordinary amount of time to set up. Buttons were turned and pressed throughout the set. The music had a space quality to it with a touch of John Williams orchestral theatrics. One could imagine the music fitting into the “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” soundtrack.

Don Devore – Notes From Vivace


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