Lord Huron Takes Listeners on a Dreamy Road Trip with ‘Long Lost’

Lord Huron releases 'Long Lost' - Courtesy


Lord Huron has come out of hiding and apparently has been longing to get back on the road as much as everyone else.

The band has released their new album Long Lost and is heading out on tour including a stop at Hollywood Forever at the end of September.

The new album, Long Lost, takes a new turn, blending innovative tracks with timeless, orchestrated elegance. The band retains its haunting presence, painting a wistful dream of the open road. 

The album opens with “The Moon Doesn’t Mind,” a moody trip through an emotive landscape, then moves swiftly into the upbeat “Mine Forever,” a mysteriously resounding, western-twang groove. The record is punctuated with throwback 1940s-sounding intros as if the band were performing at a local talent show.

With Long Lost, Lord Huron pays homage to all the legendary Americana-roots artists who have come before and crafts a worthwhile and lengthy listen of 16 beautifully produced tracks. Particularly compelling is the deliberate and waltzy “I Lied,” featuring Allison Ponthier.

Lord Huron will be playing the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles on Sept. 29 and 30. Tour tickets and info are available here.

Stream Long Lost here: