Wave Of Love Festival, a Massive Global Music Event, Set for September 18

Moral DK will perform during the Wave Of Love Festival May 8 - Courtesy image
Moral DK will perform during the Wave Of Love Festival May 8 - Courtesy image

Concert to ‘Circumnavigate’ The Earth


The Wave Of Love Festival, a massive, global 24-hour live music event, will take place on September 18, 2021.

Viewers will not have to leave their homes to see bands from around the world on this one special night. The Wave Of Love Festival is presented by Wolf Entertainment, the Hamburg, Germany-based label and music promotions company founded by Hellmut Wolf.

The Wave Of Love Festival is a new concept in music. It’s a multi-national festival that “moves” around the planet from New Zealand to Russia, China, USA and Canada. Musicians from those countries and from Australia, Malaysia and South Africa will take the stage in a “wave” of sound that kicks off in Tauranga, New Zealand and circumnavigates the globe.

Among the bands representing California for the Wave Of Love Festival is Moral DK, whose music can be found here on their Facebook page. Moral DK is Gym Nicholson, Rob Gallas, Ric Alba, Gary Olson and Jeffrey David Sheets.

The idea for the festival came alive courtesy of musician and producer Wolf, founder of the label and promotions company Wolf Entertainment. He decided he wanted to have a festival that brings together artists and international music in an effort to foster greater understanding.

“The basic idea came from when you watch New Year’s and it goes off in New Zealand, goes off in Australia always at midnight the fireworks,” said Hellmut Wolf, founder of the festival. “Instead of the fireworks you have a local concert. As it goes around the world you stream those concerts into the world.”

Grammy winner Skip Martin will perform during Wave Of Love Festival – Courtesy

The Wolf Entertainment label represents a roster of diverse artists who will perform at the festival. The altruistic Wolf said he only works with people whose music he actually likes and with whom he can have a good collaborative experience.

How to watch: During the festival, each of the geographic locations will have a live concert streaming on the Internet. The entire event will be broadcast on the Wolf Entertainment YouTube Channel here.  

The Wave Of Love Festival kicks off at 8 p.m. in Tauranga, New Zealand (2 a.m. ET) with Phreaze.

Additional artists include Grammy Award winner Skip Martin, former Gap Band member Dorian Paul, Howard Earl Westbrook (former musical director for Marvin Gaye), Denise Mininfield and Brian Burtonelli, and The Wolfman and Friends. 

Visit the Wave Of Love Festival website for more information and for all the latest information, up to date schedule of times and artists, and sponsorship availability.