Video: Sluka Takes a Colorful Approach to Cover ‘Iko Iko’

Sluka Iko Iko - Courtesy photo
Sluka reworks 'Iko Iko' - Courtesy photo


It’s never a dull moment for Sluka. The band which takes the last name of founder and frontman Christopher Sluka, has released an inspiring new take on “Iko Iko,” and it’s colorful to say the least.

Sluka, the San Diego-based singer, songwriter, musician, and performer continues to keep audiences guessing. When he’s not in a tuxedo or formal wear flying around the world in his jet, he’s on a stage, or — in the case of his new video — he’s in a cave somewhere. And it’s cool.

Sluka, who has recorded 11 studio albums for his world-spanning fan base is not afraid to take chances. The newest album is called Ready to Connect and you can stream it here.

The latest video depicts Sluka with day-glow paint on his face, his hair flying with his accompanying musicians also in back-woods wear and singing in the dark. This is a  haunting and growling, Shawn Mullins-esque rendition of the Dixie Cups’ “Iko Iko,” but inventiveness is what sets Sluka apart from the rest.

Iko Iko Sluka - Courtesy
Iko Iko performed by Sluka – Courtesy

Sluka was born near Seattle and has grown up in a multinational household, spending time all across the globe. Apparently, he has a fondness for some outback in his repertoire, after all, he is mostly clothed in his other fun videos.

It’s really an enjoyable experience following the career of this compelling performer and brave soul. One thing is certain, Sluka is a storyteller for our times.

Sluka performed in the New York Club scene and often found himself in the company of performers like Tears For Fears, INXS, Talk Talk and Simple Minds. But he found a true  audience in Japan, where he released two albums. It is apparent from Sluka’s colorful performances, he is appreciated in all languages.

We long for the days we can come see Sluka perform live once again, and in the meantime we can watch the videos on his YouTube channel and check out his albums including A Matter of Perception, Solo Flight and Introversions.

Video credits:
Directed & Edited by Eric Bishop
Second Videographer – Taylor Scalise
Anna Eppink – Bass
Natalie Mouzooni – Drums
Christopher Sluka – Guitar & Vocals

Music credits:
From the Sluka Album “Ready To Connect.” 
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Recording Studio
Written by James Crawford, Barbara Hawkins, Rosa Hawkins and Joan Johnson
Anna Eppink – Bass
Alexandra Holt – Vocals
Josh Thompson – Drums
Christopher Sluka – Guitar & Vocals