How a New Artist Can Get More Out of Spotify

How to Get More Out of Spotify - Courtesy Unsplash


The music production industry has been growing rapidly over recent years, especially with the massive development of online digital technology. Nowadays, any aspiring artist can upload their music onto different apps, including Spotify, in order for people from all over the world to listen to their creative pieces.

Being an emerging artist can be a little challenging at first because a musician must try to get people to listen to the  work and shine in the crowd. If you are trying to make it on Spotify as a new talent, here are some tips to get you started and allow you to make the most out of your app experience.

Credit Collaborators

A lot of the time, a song uploaded on Spotify will have several collaborators who have worked on it. This can be anyone from sound producers to featured artists or even those who designed the feature picture that goes with the song. To get more people to notice your work, it might be wise to give credit to your collaborators as their followers will be able to see your work as well. It is a win-win situation where you show your gratitude for the great work your partners have done as well as get some recognition yourself as part of the group.

Share the Music

The whole point of uploading music as a new artist on Spotify is to get more people to hear your work. As explained on PlaylistStreams, the easiest way to do that is by sharing your work so that you can get more streams on the app. Social media can be your best option for that venture where you can spread the word about your work by sharing its links on your social media accounts and embedding follow buttons for people to get straight to your music page on the app without hassle.

By building your image as an artist on different online platforms that link to your Spotify account, you would be able to get more clicks and hits on your work which will have a massive impact on how well you can use the app to your favor.

How a New Artist Can Get More Out of Spotify - Courtesy Spotify
How a New Artist Can Get More Out of Spotify – Courtesy Spotify

Create Playlists

Creating a playlist on Spotify is great for when you are trying to get more people to get a sense of what you are like as an artist and what they can expect from you. A lot of the time, people recommend playlists to each other, so you would get your songs talked about more often than you would if you just release a single that is not in any playlist. If you utilize the playlist feature properly, you can easily and quickly get yourself a huge fan base that would allow you to benefit greatly from the app as a new artist.

Create Codes

One of the greatest features offered by Spotify is the codes. This sharing feature is similar to QR codes or sharing buttons but in a special way where rising artists can send out the codes to their fan base to get their attention. All one would need to do with the code is to take a quick picture on their phone, and they would be immediately redirected towards the app where they would be able to see all the artist’s work and hear what they prefer. The codes can be printed out on flyers and displayed anywhere the artist thinks they can get more streams.

Spotify - Courtesy Unsplash
Spotify – Courtesy Unsplash

Integrate Concerts

The majority of new artists tend to promote their work by performing in different concerts to get people to start noticing who they are and how good their music really is. This can come as an advantage for those looking to make it on Spotify where they can easily integrate their live concerts on the app by getting a recorded copy of high quality to be uploaded and letting people live the moment with them.

Being a music artist is an incredibly rewarding experience. If you have always had a passion for music that you are trying to grow and share with others, now would be the time to make your voice heard as technology has made it so much easier for artists to get to their fans.

Apps like Spotify are super easy to use and navigate and users subscribe to it from all over the world, so making your music heard on that app would be a great way to launch your artistic career. In order to make the most of your app experience, make sure you do some research about what your fans are looking for and remember to share and spread the word about your work as much as possible.