Idiot Grins do Louvin Brothers Proud with New Album ‘Thoughts & Prayers’

Idiot Grins Thoughts and Prayers


Oakland band Idiot Grins do the Louvin Brothers proud with the new album Thoughts & Prayers.

The band’s new album Thoughts & Prayers is a covers release of the Louvin Brothers’ 1959 classic Satan Is Real. Idiot Grins’ fourth full-length album is a step in a new direction and holds a special place in the hearts.

Idiot Grins is an Oakland band. The band members are Michael Conner, Evan Eustis, John Hansen, Michael Melgoza and Randy Strauss. It’s clear the musicians have a deep appreciation for the Ira and Charlie Louvin — who hailed from Alabama. The Louvin Brothers were ahead of their time blending worship with issues of the day.

The making of the album Thoughts & Prayers was a true “labor of love” for Idiot Grins. Judging by the sound, it would probably be a blast to see this band live, something that isn’t possible now and makes us really wonder about the future.

One thing is for sure: Idiot Grins is a reassuring voice at the end of a rough 2020 a highly transitional time on many levels.

“This all started back in 2017 when the band went to Nashville to master our last album, State of Health,” Idiot Grins’ Strauss explained. “At the Country Music Hall of Fame gift shop, I bought a brand new vinyl copy of ‘Satan is Real’ by the Louvin Brothers.”

Check out the Louvin Brothers:

When looking for a new project, it seemed the perfect inspiration.

“I suggested that while we wrote new songs, we dash off a cover album of Satan is Real, just for fun,” Strauss said. “It took just about three years from that germ of an idea until the completed album due to a variety of unexpected twists and turns.

“This is pretty foreign territory for us,” Strauss said. “The Louvin Brothers were the greatest country harmony group ever, and we can’t touch them. But it was a hell of a lot of fun trying.”

Evan Eustis and John Hansen do a nice job on the vocals, honoring the Louvins.

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