Review: LA Band Starveya Gets Five Stars for Heavenly Single ‘Let You In’

Staryeva releases 'Let You In' - Courtesy
Staryeva releases 'Let You In' - Courtesy


Los Angeles-based psychedelic indie rock band Starveya captures hearts with its latest single, the gorgeous “Let You In.”

It’s rewarding to find music that resonates, and with “Let You In,” Starveya takes an emotional and wistful turn that both uplifts but also captures the current mood of the nation.

A broad range of influences can be heard on the heavenly single as Starveya blends the dreaminess of Pink Floyd with the pop talent of The Beatles. Starveya makes the most of unique percussion and harmonies with slight electronica. Also impressive is the “spaghetti western” tone to the music that enhances this elegantly simple yet very moving song.

It’s a song about unrequited love and succeeds at pulling at the heartstrings. We look forward to more music from this excellent band. Starveya is currently in the studio working on their upcoming full-length album Abandon All Muses, which is slated for a 2021 release.

“The ambient and tranquil vibe of the music is an expression of the way I feel about letting go and moving on,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Martinez. “Although it may be a bit sad, I’m not distressed, angry, or putting up a fight or longing for things to be what they were. There is a sense of acceptance as I move on. I am at peace with it.”

Staryeva is:

Aaron Martinez – Lead vocals and guitar; Desi Martinez – Guitar and backing vocals; Kenny Lockwood – Drums. Recorded at Casa De Lopez Studio. Audio Engineer – Juan Lopez; Produced by Juan Lopez and STARVEYA; Mastered by Jorge Lanzas.

Additional musicians on “Let You In” include Mathew Meseberg on bass, Paul Reagor on synth and Juan Lopez on Organ.

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