Stephanie Catlett Steps into the Spotlight with ‘Meet Me In the Dream’

Stephanie Catlett Meet Me In the Dream - Courtesy
Stephanie Catlett Meet Me In the Dream - Courtesy


Stephanie Catlett may have worked her whole career promoting others, but it’s her turn to take the spotlight now.

Catlett’s album Meet Me In the Dream lifts the listener in troubled times. Catlett has such a compelling voice and musical style, her musical work brings relief to a weary listening public.

It’s rewarding when a listener can find a new and remarkable discovery, particularly in a genre that has been around for centuries. The Indie-Americana musicians of the olden days would be hard pressed to have predicted music’s current state of affairs. And while the genre continues its travels onward, Catlett brings to it a new twist and introduces music that’s inherently soul-soothing.

Meet Me In the Dream blends together solid songwriting and vocals similar to Jenny Lewis or Mazzy Star. It’s amazing that prior to this, Catlett has been solely using her writing talents in the business world, creating marketing copy and promotional content for others. We are the fortunate recipients of the gifts of this Iowa City, Iowa-based creative.

Meet Me In the Dream is an intricate and richly textured look at life from a wonderfully emotional and melancholy perspective. The music is gorgeous in its simplicity and Catlett surrounds herself with a talented group of players.

“Putting out this album was an act of courage for me,” Catlett said. “After a career as a marketing writer promoting others’ work, Meet Me In the Dream is the first project that I have created out of myself, completely from my own experiences and impressions. While the dream world of the album is one of false starts, missed chances and loss, there remains a core of resilience and persistence that hopefully won’t be overlooked by the listener.”

Meet Me In the Dream doesn’t gloss over the challenges in life, but portrays them in a refreshing and comforting manner. Catlett’s music brings a sense of hope, which is so needed in our times.

Tracklist: 1. Ruined Houses; 2. Forsythia; 3. So, David; 4. Nothing But Fine; 5. Am I Still

Musicians: Dan Padley, Electric Guitar; Dana Telsrow, Bass Guitar; Brian Cooper, Drums; Suzanne Wedeking, Violin; Sam Drella, Trumpet. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios.

Meet Me In the Dream - Courtesy