Electric Piano: Now is the Time to Learn or Improve Ability with These Tips

Electric Piano - Courtesy image
Electric Piano - Courtesy image


For many piano lovers, owning an actual piano is not possible because they live in a place where they don’t have much space. Luckily for them, there is an alternative available out there called an electronic keyboard player, which is compact and can produce the same sounds as the original piano.

If you have an electronic piano of your own and you want to get better at it, then there is nothing stopping you from getting there. Getting better at the electronic piano is just a matter of polishing your skills. There is no better time to hone your skills than while getting some extra time at home.

Here are a few tips that can help improve skills, let’s take a look.

Practice Makes Perfect

The most important advice I will give to any keyboard player is that you should never stop practicing. Every art requires practice, but when it comes to music instruments or piano itself, the more one practices, the better one will become. Make sure you actually put in the time, otherwise it’s difficult to move forward.

Experiment with Audio Effects

One perk of choosing an electronic piano over a mechanical one is that it allows you to experiment more with the audio. You can add multiple effects like delay, distortion, compression, etc. Also, keep in mind that these effects will not improve your bad performances; it will just add more flavor to your tunes. For better sound effects and judgment, you will also need a good VST plugin for your piano about which you can learn more about by going to Roaming Sound.

Record the Playing In the Keyboard and Analyze

When you are playing your tunes on an electronic piano, you don’t have to record it with a mic or a video camera. You can record the sounds internally with the keyboard, which will give you a much clearer playback. When you listen to them in a recording you will be amazed how different it will sound. Record your tunes regularly and listen to them critically. This will help you analyze the track deeply, and you will be able to pick on mistakes that you missed before. This practice will make you a better keyboard player every passing day.

Play Same Song Repeatedly but With Different Styles

The art of learning piano is not just restricted to learning how to play a certain tune in a certain way. As a pianist plays the tune, he or she is actually learning to create it. Playing the same song in different styles gives understanding into the fundamentals of the song, then the creator is able to manipulate any tune, which is great practice. Once you have mastered a song, try playing it in different styles, and figure out what you have to add to it. This will help you improve your skills immensely.