Louise Goffin and Billy Harvey Make a Jovial Team on ‘Rattle and The Roll’

Louise Goffin and Billy Harvey - Courtesy Scott Sax
Louise Goffin and Billy Harvey - Courtesy Scott Sax


Louise Goffin and Billy Harvey have put together an Americana ballad “Rattle and The Roll” that blends a range of legacy sounds with today’s modern groove with great results.

And judging from the video it looks like they’re having a fun time. The two musicians have been friends and collaborators and the partnership took particularly good shape with the new tune, “Rattle and The Roll.” The accompanying video shows the two friends enjoying a laugh or two while playing music.

“I always have a blast making music and singing with Billy Harvey and even more fun when Scot Sax is in the room making a video,” Goffin said. “Here we are performing Rattle and The Roll from my new album Two Different Movies.

Two Different Movies is out now. 

Scot Sax is the videographer. The short film engages, placing an emphasis on throwback analog style that conjures up the great pictures with cool effects.

Gerry Goffin on Father's Day - Louise Goffin
Gerry Goffin on Father’s Day – Louise Goffin

Louise also paid a special tribute to her late father Gerry Goffin, who wrote the famous “Up On The Roof” with a special Father’s Day greeting.

Check out the ‘Rattle and The Roll’ video here: