Zach Tabori With Tommy Mars of Frank Zappa Band Keeps It Together with ‘Ensemble’

Zach Tabori - Josh Steube
Zach Tabori - Josh Steube


Zach Tabori has released a really exciting and vibrant new EP, Ensemble.

The multi-instrumentalist, writer, producer and film composer’s sophomore effort is a winning release.

It’s the perfect  showcase for his impeccable and improvisational musical chops. Ensemble has an incredible live feel that crackles with explosive, passionate playing and dynamism.

The EP, includes very strong four tracks: “Lately It Feels Better Than Alright,” “Slick,” “Buy My Shirt,” and “Lick” with a diverse sonic palette incorporating rock, jazz and cabaret into a truly eclectic stylistic mix.

Tommy Mars – Photo by Richard Preuss

Tommy Mars, Frank Zappa’s keyboardist-vocalist, guests on Ensemble. The legendary artist contributes a remarkable and unforgettable falsetto to the quirky, irresistibly catchy song.

The original track also features his trademark “piano technique” that enhances the dramatic “Buy My Shirt,” which analyzes the L.A. music scene in a somewhat weird and subversive way.

Yet the number is throughly entertaining. So much like the rest of Ensemble, it lingers in your mind after the last note has played. The listener will have a hard time keeping themselves from putting the album on repeat.