VIDEO: Rhye Captivates with Emotional Track ‘Beautiful’

Ryhe releases 'Beautiful' - Courtesy
Ryhe releases 'Beautiful' - Courtesy


Rhye has released the dreamy video for the track “Beautiful,” which plays on our hopes of being out in the open air.

Mike Milosh, the LA-via-Toronto-based musician, also directs and produces the gorgeous video in which people are depicted running through the California desert and enjoying open-air freedom.

Milosh said there were precautions taken in making the video.

“Special thanks to all who were involved with the creation of this video, we really appreciate everyone’s time and energy in this as it is really important to stay creative during this time,” Milosh said.

“This video was made with the utmost care in the time of COVID19,” he said. “We spent two weeks shooting the full video, guaranteeing everyone had quarantined in accordance to social distancing guidelines and ensuring filming was done one-on-one maintaining 15 feet of distance all while shooting with telephoto camera lenses.”

Director: Michael Milosh
Producer: Michael Milosh
Creative Concept: Michael Milosh, Geneviève Medow Jenkins, Lisa Eaton
DP: Michael Milosh
Additional DP: Tyler Weinberger
Starring: Ken Jones, Stephanie Kim, Courtney Coll, Mia Maestro, Cynthia Sanchez, Geneviève Medow Jenkins
Choreography: Lisa Eaton
Editor: Michael Milosh
Colorist: Derek Hansen (ArsenalCreative)