‘Someday Maybe’ by The Know Gets Spin Cycle Treatment from ‘Howard the Concert Guy’

Howard Mordoh featured in The Know Video Someday Maybe - Courtesy
Howard Mordoh featured in The Know Video Someday Maybe - Courtesy

Edited by JOHN DALY

The Know have released the video “Someday Maybe,” a new single that highlights the band’s shoegaze sound and dreamy pop style. And the lead character in the new video will be a recognizable figure spinning around: It’s Howard Mordoh, “the dancing guy from the concerts” cutting some lawn in the outdoor party video.

The Know is the duo of Dan Knowles and Jennifer Farmer, a husband and wife team who certainly know how to make good music.

Known as “The LA Rocker,” Mordoh is a fixture at the Los Angeles-area shows and he’s somewhat of a local legend in the City of Angels. In the video for “Someday Maybe,” Howard’s legendary footwork turns a drab backyard barbecue into a dance party. Howard’s presence in the video may be a good sign that attending a real concert could be closer than “Someday Maybe.”

The captivating video is directed by Farmer, assistant director is David Haverty, DP is Joe Rubinstein and the editors are Joe Rubinstein and The Know. The cast is comprised of Knowles, Matt, Kris Correa, Aria Cusano, Lauren Womack, Skylar Francise, Colin Coleman.

“Someday Maybe” has enough fuzz and nostalgia to keep any fan of the retro-modern style happy. The song is innovative in its approach, paying tribute to the past while advancing a new sound for today’s audiences. The use of Howard, who seems to be at every concert, grounds the piece and brings it home to LA.

The Know started in late 2018 when Knowles suggested to his wife, Farmer, that instead of traveling home for the holidays (to the UK and Texas respectively) that the LA based transplants stay put and try to create music together, just the two of them.

So, in their home studio, armed with their love for the bands Beach House, Julee Cruise, Ye Ye, The Jesus and Mary Chain and 1960s girl groups, The Know created a sound for themselves.

The first song by The Know was “143” which premiered in late 2019. The track was inspired by Tom Waits’ “(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night.”

Check out ‘Someday Maybe’ feat. The LA Rocker, Howard Mordoh here: