French Band, Reaven, Captures Emotions of a Lockdown World with Americana-Style Track ‘Escape’

Reaven releases 'Escape'


During these constricting times when the world is in lockdown, there are times when people may feel the need to get away from it all. That’s the premise for the new single, “Escape” by the French band, Reaven.

“The song was created during the quarantine, in the middle of the night,” the band said. “We wanted to express through music and this (homemade) video the struggle we are all living these days. For some people, it is a physical struggle, the fact of being locked up in small spaces. For others, it’s a psychological fight.”

Reaven may be French, but the music is upbeat Americana-Rock in style, as illustrated by their recent single, “Hope.” A portion of all sales from “Escape” and “Hope” will be donated to the global research against Coronavirus.

The new song, “Escape” takes a slightly different direction and captures the longing we all have to be able to get out and get away from it all.

“We all need to escape the reality a bit from time to time,” the band said. “Especially when the daily life is getting complicated. This song reflects what we feel during this period. Tough moments, good moments. But above all, we will never stop believing that there will be brighter days. We’re all together in the same boat. And sooner or later, we will all escape this rough time together. Here’s to brighter days!”