Chicano Batman Seen in New Light with ‘Invisible People’ Album

california rocker chicano batman new album
chicano batman new album - courtesy

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Chicano Batman takes a new approach with its latest record, Invisible People, a synthesizer and funk-laced album released via ATO Records.

Invisible People reflects a new direction for Chicano Batman and propels the band from the streets of Los Angeles into the national spotlight.

California Rocker news Chicano Batman releases 'Invisible People' - Courtesy
Chicano Batman releases ‘Invisible People’ – Courtesy

Chicano Batman said the inspiration for the new album is drawn from krautrock groups like Can and Neu! and Nigerian funk artist William Onyeabor. It also takes some cues from hip-hop and R and B.

chicano batman invisible people
chicano batman invisible people

“This album is an evolution from our last one in that we put much more thought in our approach to the songwriting and production before hitting record,” said guitarist Carlos Arévalo. “We went in with a plan that helped guide the musical direction. We demoed songs for over a year before going into the studio as well. In the past, we’d pool some songs together, rehearse them for a few weeks and go in and simply record them.”

To celebrate its release, the band played on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”