Knifey Drops Catchy Track ‘ask you’ and Pays Tribute to Those Who Support

Knifey releases 'ask you' - Courtesy image
Knifey releases 'ask you' - Courtesy image

Edited by JOHN DALY

Knifey the band has dropped an upbeat new song called “ask you” from the soon to be released album, Sleepwalker.

The track “ask you” was inspired by the love for a supportive partner, Knifey said. The track has all the makings of a hit pop-punker and brings out the best from this cool pop band on the rise.

“This song is about the gratitude we should all feel for the people that make us better,” the band said. “But (it’s) also the insecurity that appreciation can bring when we look back at our own lives and ask if we are worthy of that love.”

Knifey the band drops ask youCheck out “ask you”the first taste from the new album Sleepwalker – via SoundCloudSleepwalker is the Toronto-based band’s second album.

The song “ask you” underwent changes even while it was being recorded and was reworked and was almost completely scrapped, at one point, the band said. But the changes were so dramatic there was a complete turnaround.

“It’s one of our favourite songs on the album,” Knifey said.

You can follow the band via the Knifey Facebook page.

Nixon Boyd (Hollerado, Anyway Gang, Little Junior) recorded “ask you” with the band at Banquet Sound.