The Offspring Show Country Chops with Joe Exotic Song ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ from ‘Tiger King’

The Offspring - Here Kitty Kitty
The Offspring - Here Kitty Kitty


The Offspring showed their country twang with a great rendition of “Here Kitty Kitty,” made famous by Joe Exotic of “Tiger King.”

The Offspring, the Huntington Beach-based rockers known for their 1980s songs about everything from late night partying to freeway revenge, take a stab at country music with “Here Kitty Kitty” from the unlikely hit Netflix show “Tiger King.”

Joe Exotic lip syncs the song “Here Kitty Kitty,” in his video, but the music was actually written and performed by the Clinton Johnson Band. It’s supposedly one of about 20 songs the Vancouver, Washington-based Clinton Johnson Band wrote for the controversial tiger tamer Exotic.

But The Offspring’s cover of “Here Kitty Kitty,” which Joe Exotic used to skewer his rival Carole Baskin, impresses and proves the rock band’s abilities go far beyond its typically sarcastic and catchy pop-punk style. The off-genre sound brings out a completely different side to one of the world’s most beloved bands and shows the band’s deep musical talent.

“Like many of you, we are going a little stir crazy these days and we wanted to do something fun to put a smile on our faces, and hopefully on some of yours too,” The Offspring posted on Instagram. “This song, Here Kitty Kitty, was originally by the Clinton Johnson band, and *not* by anyone in that recent documentary we all got caught up in.

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin in ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ video:

“The Offspring wives were group texting recently, and while they all agreed that they truly love their husbands, there are times when they’ve absolutely felt like feeding us to the tigers,” the band posted. “In that spirit, we hope you enjoy this random song (and)  video.”

The Offspring – Here Kitty Kitty