Mike Campbell Records and Releases ‘Lockdown’ Single for Charity

Lockdown by Mike Campbell
Lockdown by Mike Campbell - Courtesy


Mike Campbell recorded and released a new song called “Lockdown,” proceeds from which will go to Feeding America.

Campbell’s new song tells of typical activities during “Lockdown” and the realities we are facing today, in as upbeat a manner as possible and in Rock N Roll style.

Mike Campbell – Lockdown:

“Lockdown” is available for download via a donation to Feeding America at: https://MikeCampbell.lnk.to/LockdownI…

“I came up with a new song, ‘Lockdown,’ for fun,” Campbell wrote on Instagram. “Everyone around me loved the song, so I’m putting it out for people to enjoy and to raise some money for @FeedingAmerica. It feels good to do something positive to help in this time of crisis.

“So we hope this gives you a smile and takes your mind off the dark times for a few minutes,” he said.

Donations made via the web store at thedirtyknobs.com gets a free download, and a big enough donation will get a LIMITED edition “Lockdown” bandana which with which purchasers can cover their faces.


Video Directed by Ryan Daniel Browne and Marcie Campbell
Produced by Marcie Campbell

Written, performed and produced by Mike Campbell
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Pradler

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