The Thought Leaders from Oakland Turn Up the Heat with ‘Radiator’

Thought Leaders - Courtesy


The NorCal music scene proves to hang tough with the newest release from Thought Leaders, called “Radiator.”

“Radiator” is a cool and industrial sounding rock song and it’s not a surprise given the band’s history and preferred music.

The modern post-punk band from Oakland is actually pretty new, forming in late 2018 by Bay Area music scene veterans who love early-1970s and early-1980s sounds. Bands that Thought Leaders like are Wire, Echo and The Bunnymen and Bauhaus.

Thought Leaders released a self-produced, four-song debut EP titled “Wires Crossed” on Bandcamp in 2019.  “Radiator” is part of a split 7-inch with local San Francisco death rockers The Tunnel. A full-length LP of new material is in the works.

The band is comprised of Tyler Cox on bass, Lund on guitar, Kirk Snedeker on drums and Ville V on vocals. 

Thought Leaders – Radiator