Neil Young and Daryl Hannah Deliver Music, News with ‘Times-Contrarian’

Neil Young and Daryl Hannah California Rocker
Neil Young and Daryl Hannah NYA Contrarian

Neil Young ‘Cowgirl In The Sand’ Vintage Video Premieres


Neil Young has put together an impressive collection of new and archived videos and creative works called “Fireside Sessions.” The videos comprise a section of his home-made online newspaper the NYA Times-Contrarian.

Young’s best gal Daryl Hannah acts as cinematographer on the home-made videos that show Young singing out in the country.

Today, Young presented a never-before-seen vintage video of “Cowgirl In the Sand.”

Neil Young Vintage Video Cowgirl In The Sand
Neil Young vintage video of Cowgirl in the Sand premieres on Contrarian

Check out the vast library in the “file cabinet” of the Contrarian from Young and Hannah here.

In trying times even the most contrarian of folks turn to the daily news journals and Young and Hannah have fashioned their creative delivery in the form of a quaint, little old-style newspaper. 

Neil Young premieres Cowgirl in the Sand vintage video - NYA Contrarian
Neil Young Archives – Courtesy dhlove

Newspapers are all but gone, yielding to corporate takeovers where “mom and pop” print publications are absorbed by large corporations and investment groups and then are driven out of business. Thousands of news reporters and journalists have been laid off during the downsizing of an industry over the last 20 years as news entities merge and then cease publication.

So it’s awfully rewarding to see Young and Hannah create an online tribute to print journalism. Apparently Young is among the many who suddenly have a desire for independent communication and independent news coverage to return in this age of government- and advertiser-controlled Internet.

Check out Young’s videos here: