Henry Rollins Kicks Off ‘The Cool Quarantine’ Internet Radio on KCRW.com

Henry Rollins at Johnny Ramone Tribute - Photo by Donna Balancia


Henry Rollins will help you shelter in place with a new Internet-based radio show called “The Cool Quarantine,” which airs via KCRW.com

“For years, Engineer X and I have been batting around this idea of a super long-form radio show,” he said during his first broadcast. “Which would be reminiscent of when if you ever did this hung out with your friends in someone’s room and everyone brings out some records and someone puts records on… and it’s this cool hangout and it goes and goes.

“And you can play whatever you want because you’re not having to deal with the FCC and the constraints of terrestrial radio.

Henry Rollins The Cool Quarantine – Courtesy KCRW

A few weeks ago KCRW approached Rollins to do a project and he agreed.

“Also, I know that you might be spending some long spells in your dwelling, so I wanted to make a show that conformed to that,” he said. “That’s it, basically. The wheel has not been reinvented, no great breakthrough in broadcasting has been established. It is hopefully a good time.”

So it will be a freeform broadcast on the Internet.

“It’s easy to be in a mood of uncertainty but we will get through all of this,” he said. “Thankfully we have each other and we have the music.”

Listen to Henry here.