The Best Italian Rockers Produce Video to Raise Money for COVID-19 Equipment


Some of Italy’s most well-known musicians including Francesco Corapi and Guglielmo Malusardi Tinti are working with Elevate Records to raise money for equipment for Milan’s Sacco Hospital.

The musicians, along with many of their colleagues donated time on the production called “Highway Solos.” Funds raised by digital download and purchase will be used to help the hospital with equipment.

Additional collaborators are Mauro Matteucci, Pino Magliani, Gianluca Grazioli, Luca Colombo, Stefano Sebo Xotta, Nicola Denti, Simone Gianlorenzi, Matteo Brigo, Fabrizio Bicio Leo-Bis, Marco Sfogli, Daniele Gottardo, Andy Martongelli, Mistheria, Roberto Fasciani and Valerio Lucantoni.

Sacco Hospital in Milan

“With ‘Highway Solos,’ we wanted to include some of the best Italian musicians,” the musicians said in a statement. “Physically divided but spiritually united and connected to each other, ‘Highway Solos’ is a song that is an imaginary journey along one of the hundred highways that connect our wonderful country.

Francesco Corapi – Courtesy

“Today more than ever, we gather around those who are indomitable in trying to save lives, amid a thousand difficulties and lack of tools and means to deal with this pandemic in an adequate way,” the music group said. “For this reason all the musicians involved in ‘Highway Solos’ propose to raise funds in favor of the SACCO hospital in Milan, Italy.”

Matteo Brigo - Highway Solos
Matteo Brigo – Highway Solos

The hospital is at the forefront of the virus emergency, and desperately needs equipment. By purchasing the music, all money raised will go to the hospital, donated by Elevate.

The entire production from video to audio was done remotely, each artist in isolation due to the quarantine. But the result shows that it’s possible to still stay united and work together.”