Jimmy Buffett Uses Fins for Fans, Sneak Peeks New Album and Posts Concerts

Jimmy Buffett toasts while recording Life On The Flip Side - Courtesy


Jimmy Buffett used the “Fin” greeting known by Parrot Heads worldwide to say hello, and gave the fans a sneak peek into the recording of his new album, Life on the Flip Side.

Life on the Flip Side will drop in May, Buffett said. On his Instagram page he showed a snippet of the recording of the single “Down at the La de Dah” down in Key West. And until live concerts resume, he will broadcast some of his best concerts on his Margaritaville.tv website.

Buffett who in his usual island attire and sunglasses, uploaded a greeting to his Instagram page, suggested people use the world-famous “Fin” to greet each other.

“Hello Parrot Heads, Jimmy here,” he said on Instagram. “These are some strange times but hopefully we can work with each other and get through this. I have noticed though that all these different ways of greeting and meeting people with as little contact as possible are very good and I totally admire people for doing them.

“Also, for those of you who have already been doing this before, the ‘Fin’ in Parrot Head land is a pretty good way to say hello without anybody touching anybody. So here’s one for you: Fins Up, Fins to the left, Fins to the right and we hope in a few weeks this will be all right.”

To tide over the multitudes of Parrot Heads in the meantime, the world’s best-known ambassador for the island lifestyle will be broadcasting some concerts from the archives on his website www.Margaritaville.tv and on Radio Margaritaville on Sirius XM.

Jimmy Buffett gives the 'Fin' to fans - Courtesy IG
Jimmy Buffett gives the ‘Fin’ to fans – Courtesy IG

April 8: Live from Paris France (2017)

April 11: The Millennium Show Live from Los Angeles, California (1999)

April 15: Live from Australia (2011)

April 18: Live from Mansfield, Massachusetts (1994)

April 22: Live from Bora Bora (2010)

April 25: Live from Hartford, Connecticut (1995)

April 29: Live from Wellington, New Zealand (2017)

May 2: Far Side of the World Show (various years and cities)

May 6: Live from Dublin, Ireland (2019)

May 9: Live from Key West, Florida (2015)