Luke Spiller of The Struts Spins the Discs With Special ‘Quarantine Radio’ Show

Luke Spiller spins discs for Quarantine Radio


Luke Spiller of the UK band The Struts entertained fans online with a livestream of what he called “Quarantine Radio,” playing tunes from a range of bands from different eras, and taking questions.

“When there was nothing to do and the band was living together in Darby we played radio,” the UK-born performer said. “I’ll be playing stuff I listen to a lot.”

He showed on his Instagram channel that his taste apparently runs the gamut with everything from Kyle Falconer to The Chiffons. 

“One of the big reasons why I thought this would be a cool idea is it’s not every day people are stuck indoors,” he said. “In America, like in LA:  This is what it’s like in England. This is a cool chance for me to interact and thank you everyone for tuning in.”

The Struts recently came off a world tour and brought the energy to the fans. 

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Spiller said he wanted to do a cover of the Jimmy Cliff song “Let Your Yeah Be Yeah,” as well as a few other classics. He told some fun anecdotes of when the band was on the way up.

The Struts - Photo by Melanie Smith
The Struts in Manchester, UK – Photo by Melanie Smith

“When me and Adam started the band we would do this thing called school tours and we would go to high schools and secondary schools and perform in front of 13 or 14 year old kids,” he recalled “This one is one we used to cover by The Boys called “Prickville Nights.”

Of the show, he said, “This is a bit of a last minute throwing together home radio broadcast. I wanted to do something special when we were all living in a house in Darby called Struts radio, I used to broadcast out of my bedroom and have a lot of fun.”

Spiller’s cat even joined and the kitty was presented while Luke spun “Hi Ho Silver Lining” by Jeff Beck, but ran away midway through “Judy In Disguise” by John Fred and His Playboys.

The Struts – Photo by Melanie Smith

He also played Supergrass and Kyle Falconer.

“Kyle Falconer was in The View and me and the guys especially when we first joined The Struts we played their music all the time,” he said.

Will the broadcast return to the airwaves? We’ll have to wait and see.

“This is the first broadcast of Quarantine Radio, the only station to listen to as the world is ending,” he said before playing The Chiffons’ “He’s So Fine.”