Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls Drop ‘The Devil Ain’t Talkin’ and Rock Harvard and Stone


Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls took the stage and rocked Harvard and Stone in Hollywood the other night.

And as usual, the band drew a good crowd, but it will be the last time they do so for a while. Two nights later, Los Angeles announced a city-wide ban on hanging out in bars and restaurants and gathering in clubs and entertainment venues.

Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls - Courtesy image
Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls – Courtesy image

The “social distancing” is needed to flatten out the spike in anticipated Coronavirus cases and thereby easing the burden at hospital emergency rooms. And yes, it’s a sacrifice.

But Heath and his souls are no strangers to sacrifice in their own rights. He and his musician friends work with the charity Jail Guitar Doors, supporting Wayne Kramer and the MC5 leader’s renowned charity. Heath is one of the instructors in the program, going into the prisons to bring the creativity and the positive influence of music to those behind bars.

The souls in the band are Justin Salmons on electric guitar and vocals; Jason Federici on accordion, organ and vocals; Casey Johnson on drums and percussion; Mia Robinson on bass and vocals; Ysanne Spevack on fiddle and Chris Joyner on piano and Wurlitzer. Heath is the lead vocalist and plays acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica.

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Jason Heath teaches music behind prison walls as an instructor with Jail Guitar Doors – Photo by Donna Balancia

New Single: ‘The Devil Still Ain’t Talkin”

Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls have a fun new single out, “The Devil (Still) Ain’t Talkin.'”  It’s a raw and dirty-style song led by frontman Heath whose Tom Petty-meets-Jackson Browne vocals recount the eternal struggle between the forces. The track is accented by rural banjo and slide guitar, and a fun back-and-forth banter between Heath and those souls.

Jason Heath and The Greedy Souls continue to make inroads with fans and have been gaining popularity. And there are several new shows coming up — after the practice of “social distancing” is perfected that is — when folks can come out again.

Devil Ain’t Talking Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls