Review: New Sluka Track ‘VIP’ Begs The Question – Is Fame a Fetching Fancy for All?

Sluka and a slew of puppies in VIP video - Image courtesy of Sluka

Sluka Features Furry Friends in Latest Video Release


Listeners can always expect a rousing political or sociologically important song from Sluka, and with the new release, “VIP,” the no-holds-barred band doesn’t disappoint. Plus this time around, there are some four-legged friends in the video for the track.

From a strictly auditory standpoint, the lastest track, which is on the super album Ready To Connect, there is some interesting and insightful social commentary. Does being a VIP actually give people the right to boss each other around and be “mean?”

There are plenty of people who would agree that is an unfortunate fringe benefit of having the title of VIP.

Sluka with puppies on video for VIP – Courtesy

But it’s interesting, because if anyone is able to convey the idea of being a VIP, it’s the leader of the band, Christopher Sluka. An avid pilot and world traveler, Sluka, the musician-pilot-personality, has a devoted following and puts everything into his performances. And while he may be the first on the VIP list at many events himself, he is likely among the last to be thought of as someone who actually acts like a self-important “VIP.”

The band Sluka doesn’t spare any physical or fiscal expense when putting together the upbeat music. It’s apparent from production that the band makes every effort for each note and each segment of a song to have maximum impact. Generally the songs delivered by this consistent band are sonically excellent with high production value and detailed mixing and mastering. Kudos to Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Recording Studio, who produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered. The music was written by Christopher Sluka.

Check out Ready to Connect on Spotify:

“VIP” enlists Anna Eppink on bass, Alexandra Holt on vocals, Josh Thompson on drumsĀ and Christopher Sluka on guitar and vocals.

The group certainly has a distinctly fun collective personality and the song “VIP,” and the album Ready To Connect come at just the precise moment we need, encouraging others to not take life so seriously. Have a little fun and be kind to others.

As for the great video that accompanies the song, there are some adorable pups that romp freely throughout and quickly become the stars of the shoot. Their names? Gracie – Puppy Pilot VIP, Rudder, Buddy, Lacy, Elsa, Zoey and Lisa. The adorable and slick video is directed and edited by Eric Bishop with Taylor Scalise on second camera.

And another thing suggested by Sluka: Remember to adopt a shelter pet when you are looking for that perfect companion. When you save a pet, they’ll save you right back.