Dahl Gets Stripped Down With Romantic Ballad Off New Solo Project ‘Can I Kiss You?’

Dahl Releases Can I Kiss You?


Dahl has returned to shine with his latest solo project and breakthrough single “Can I Kiss You?”

Dahl, the solo-monikered but multitalented songwriter-producer-mixer is familiar with the spotlight. His given name is Trevor Dahl and he’s a member of the chart-busting group Cheat Codes.

But his solo career has made a resurgence with his newest release “Can I Kiss You?”

By the age of 15 he started releasing music on MySpace and was booking himself on the local stages.

He pursued his dream while still a teenager and it paid off as he was signed to Atlantic Records at the age of 17 and hustled by touring and also writing songs for well-known musicians. 

Dahl releases the track Can I Kiss You?

But his love of electronic music was one of his most fortunate passions, as it’s what led him to Cheat Codes with bandmates Kevin Ford and Matthew Russell. And despite all the success, Dahl and his band mates Ford and Russell made sure they would always keep on top of their own projects while they moved forward as a group.

Dahl is influenced by a range of sounds including those from Bazzi and Lauv, and the lyrics of John Mayer. But most of all, with the new album, Dahl shows once again his talents lie in being a triple talent in writing, producing, and mixing.

Dahl was already known as a top collaborator. In 2019, Dahl was featured on Josie Dunne’s track  “Stay The way I Left You,” which hit more than 4 million streams. It’s one of Dunne’s highest streaming songs to date.

“I grew up performing in bands, or by myself with an acoustic guitar, and it’s been awhile since I’ve made that type of music,” Dahl said of the new track. “I wanted to go back to my roots and make music that was stripped down and based around the lyrics and vocals instead of heavy drops and big production.”

The new “Can I Kiss You?” is a pop-like and piano leading ballad that emphasizes in a stripped down manner the singer-songwriter in Dahl.  The track was produced by Dahl and Morgan Taylor Reid (Jack and Jack, Wrabel, Backstreet Boys) and mixed by Rob Kinelski (Billie Eilish, Alexander 23, AJ Mitchell).