PREMIERE: TOBI of Gogol Bordello Fame Debuts Video for Hot Single ‘Tell Me, Tell Me’

TOBI of Gogol Bordello
TOBI premieres new video with California Rocker - Courtesy image


TOBI from Gogol Bordello has released the video to her new song “Tell Me, Tell Me,” produced by Harlem-based production team, MRC Riddims. 

The video guest stars her fellow band-mate Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello, and hip-hop artist Marty Baller from Baller Nation.

TOBI is a New York-based vocalist (aka Ashley Tobias) and professional entertainer known for her work as singer, dancer and percussionist in the wild Gypsy-style punk group Gogol Bordello. 

TOBI in new video
TOBI in new video – Courtesy image

Renowned for her electric performances and ability to create music that is both expressive and entertaining, TOBI said the video was a labor of love.

“‘Tell Me Tell Me’ is about a mystery caller,” she said. “A sort-of forbidden fruit or lust that can never actually be, for whatever reason, a “real thing,” TOBI explains. “So there’s this playful fantasy you create up in your mind, to sort of not only entertain yourself, but to re-awaken something deep in your soul.”

This collaboration came together because of Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hutz,” she continues. “He was the curator of this musical team. As the female singer in Gogol Bordello, Eugene invited me to sing on his newest upcoming solo album, and Alap is the head producer of that project.”

MRC Riddims is the DJ/production team of Alap Now [ex-Dälek] and Merc Yes)

In November 2015, Ashley released her first single, “Warrior of Love,” produced, mixed, and co-written by Daniel Jakubovic of Modern English. In the summer of 2019, she dropped “Don’t Deny Urself“, her first single as TOBI, and initial collaboration with MRC Riddims.