Mother Yeti Delights Wide Range of Music Lovers with Retro-Mod Record ‘My Best Please’


It’s not an easy task, but the band Mother Yeti has created an album that captures the best of the 1970s rock scene and adds a genre-snapping and appealing new spin. 

It’s almost as if the rockers from the Pacific Northwest have taken the best of Pure Prairie League, Elliott Smith, Poco and Sufjan Stevens and generously blended them with the fuzzy style of The Grateful Dead.

My Best Please, the band’s newest album was written and recorded mainly by Bill Tracy on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. The title track “My Best Please” has Zachary Calkins on the keys. The song “Push The Weather” has Cooper Trail on the keys, and the song “Wanted it Funny” gets incredible drumlines from Jim Rizzuto. It’s the most unique and our favorite track on the record. Bassist is Joseph Hein and Zack Degler lends additional vocals and guitar. Producer is William Jay Tracy. 

Mother Yeti started as merely a jam session with two high school buddies from Boise Idaho and turned into a three- to five-piece group, depending on the mood.

The guys draw their inspiration from elements of mod-Americana music, but there’s a compelling use of low-fi sounds. The songs are accented with drum machine, buzzy blaring guitar riffs and the feeling of drifting off into a psychedelic adventure.

Mother Yeti considers it a compliment that the band can’t be pigeon-holed. The sound rocks the ears and the hearts of listeners.

Label: Neurodisc/Global Heist Recordings


1. Someones Happy

2. My Best Please

3. Graceful Space

4. Wanted it Funny

5. Roller Blade Shades

6. All By Myself

7. Push the Weather

8. Over My Head

9. In Your Eyes

10. Sober Head

11. Get off on Mondays

12. Fim