Zooluxx Celebrates Release of EP ‘Just a Little Bit’ with Sexy Show at Moroccan

Zooluxx 5 - Notes From Vivace
Zooluxx 5 - Notes From Vivace

Photos and Words By NOTES FROM VIVACE

Zooluxx took the stage recently at the Moroccan Lounge to celebrate the release of their EP Just A Little Bit.

This band spent five years playing Monday nights at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s in Hollywood. This long-term residency helped them shape their live show.

Zooluxx - Notes From Vivace
Zooluxx – Notes From Vivace

Zooluxx is the Los Angeles version of Prince multiplied by four. You have frontman Troy Vincent and bassist Ned Casual showing off some sexy moves on stage. Percussionist Bertie Paradise keeps the beats like he’s making love. Drummer Princess Frank slams those sticks like the sensual being that he is. The audience couldn’t get enough.

I was lucky enough to interview the band after their show:

NFV: How would you describe your sound?

Zooluxx: Jazzadelic Space Groove, Hoodoo Boogaloo, musical curry, feral funk rock, like riding a roller coaster on acid . . . “Sounds like a gang of rabid hamsters in a cutlery truck flying down a steep hill- with no brakes!” -Karl Denson

Zooluxx at Moroccan Lounge - Notes From Vivace
Zooluxx at Moroccan Lounge – Notes From Vivace

NFV: What’s your current favorite Zooluxx song and what makes it the favorite?

Zooluxx: “Just A Little Bit,” the title track off our new EP, would have to be the current favorite. The message, the energy, and all the dynamic feels. It’s like an epic adventure. So much fun jamming that tune and seeing people get hyped. The studio version is so ripping too. It’s a special one for sure. But to be completely honest, we get that feeling from all of our songs. That’s why we do what we do.

Zooluxx - Notes From Vivace
Zooluxx – Notes From Vivace

NFV: Any thoughts on the creative process behind putting out your new EP?

Zooluxx: Too many thoughts! You already know it’s not easy getting something like this out into the world. A double EP pressed on vinyl, cassette tape, cd, and online? There’s a lot to it. We’re fortunate enough to have Dude Cervantes and Jordan Andreen of Blind Owl records, and the legend Karl Denson in our corner. They really made the creation process comfortable and fun, allowing us the freedom to do our thing.

Zooluxx releases new EP - Notes From Vivace
Zooluxx releases new EP – Notes From Vivace

Taking trips down to San Diego to work with them made for some pretty crazy adventures over the past couple of years. Recording everything on tape was amazing too, these guys are beasts when it comes to making records. Doing it the “old school” way was really inspiring, and the vibrant sounds inspired the imagery which would become the cover art.

Zooluxx - Notes From Vivace
Zooluxx – Notes From Vivace

Created by our very own Troy V, with a little help from our friends, it all came together beautifully. The cherry on top was celebrating this baby with our community at one of our favorite joints in Los Angeles, the Moroccan Lounge. Aannd . . . .  of course when you have some music you’re proud of, it compels you to create visuals to accompany the sounds. So we got a rad music vid for ‘Just A Little Bit’ dropping in the very near future. Stay tuned!

NFV Own Q and A: What the hell is a ZOOLUXX? Lifelight, beings of light, children of the sun… some damn funky aliens!