What Happened to The Walters? They’ve Returned as a Band Called ‘Corduroy’ and Released ‘It Won’t Be Long’

Corduroy, formerly known as The Walters - Courtesy image
Corduroy, formerly known as The Walters - Courtesy image


Remember The Walters? The Chicago-based band with the cool on-stage moves, good harmonies  and fun songs? 

Well, the band has returned as “Corduroy” and while there are no Los Angeles show dates yet, there is hope: The guys have released a single called “It Won’t Be Long.”

Does the title of the track give an indication that the beloved band — now renamed after a fuzzy fabric —  will be making a comeback soon? On their social media, the guys say there will be more tracks on the way this year.

The Walters won the affection of fans during their three years together from 2014-2017. The band: Luke Olson, Walter Kosner, Michael Tirabassi, Danny Wells, and Charlie Ekhaus released two EPs and three singles. Their first collection, Songs for Dads went viral and was named to the United States Viral Top 50 list on Spotify.

But apparently, Corduroy has reformed without The Walters’ former frontman Olson, who has been doing a LOT of solo work under the name L. Martin, which you can check out here.

Like the band’s predecessor The Walters, Corduroy has maintained its “alt-preppy” style, judging by their first release which dropped last December under the new moniker. “It Won’t Be Long” is almost like a modern Beach Boys sound, and hopefully more music is on the way.

Check out “It Won’t Be Long” by Corduroy here: