The Strokes Play ‘Bad Decisions,’ ‘The Adults Are Talking’ Off New Album at Bernie Rally

JULIAn Casablancas of The Strokes
JULIAn Casablancas of The Strokes


The Strokes played their new singles “Bad Decisions” and “The Adults Are Talking” as well as the video and single “At The Door” at the Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire. The band also announced their new album will be released April 10.

“Well well well sweet ol’ New Hampshire, what is up?” asked frontman Julian Casablancas, garbed in a cheerfully loud, comics-inspired suit. The Durham, New Hampshire crowd gathered at the Whittemore Center reacted positively. 

The Strokes play The Forum in Inglewood on March 14

“People of the great Northeast, people of the American lands,” Casablancas urged. “Moral people unite! I think this is a beautiful thing and I’d like to thank the Senator for inviting us.”

The band must be on a throwback 1980s kick because both new songs they played are clearly influenced by the 1980s.

The Strokes New York City Girl - Courtesy
The Strokes New York City Girl – Courtesy

“Bad Decisions” has a striking similarity to the 1982 Modern English song “I Melt With You,” about impending nuclear disaster. The song by Modern English has been on a host of commercials in the U.S. and abroad.

Another new tune, “The Adults Are Talking” is similar in style to Berlin’s “Metro” blended with Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control.”  The video for “At The Door” was shown overhead during the band’s waning moments on stage.

Casablancas said he believed the band played New Hampshire before, but “I don’t remember much.”

“I’ve been super into pirates lately,” Casablancas said. “Pirates are the enemies of all mankind. Great fashion sense but they stole and raped for money, as the people that Bernie is trying to knock out of office. No disrespect to pirates though, modern business people are way worse.” 

“Oh yeah, album’s coming out April 10, I love y’all,” Casablancas said.

The Strokes are embarking on a major tour and it includes a stop at The Forum on March 14.