Springsteen Joins Jesse Malin on Stage at Harry Chapin Tribute

Jesse Malin and Bruce Springsteen - Courtesy
Jesse Malin and Bruce Springsteen - Courtesy


Bruce Springsteen joined Jesse Malin on stage at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, N.J. to take part in a Harry Chapin benefit show.

Malin, whose recent collaborations brought him to Hollywood where he invited Ryan Adams on stage, is big on working with other artists, particularly in live settings.

Bruce Springsteen - Courtesy of Rose Montana
Bruce Springsteen – Courtesy of Rose Montana

Springsteen joined Malin and his band at Light of Day Winterfest 2020 Remembering Harry Chapin. Springsteen surprised the audience with his first appearance at the LOD Winterfest in five years. The Boss joined Malin, Willie Nile and Joe Grushecky.

Springsteen and the late Chapin, best known for his song “Cats In The Cradle,” had a great relationship. Besides both artists being mutual admirers, Chapin pursued Springsteen relentlessly to get his support to fight against hunger.

According to the online Harry Chapin site Circle, The Boss said he remembers a night in 1987 when he joined the Chapin family with Pete Seeger, Pat Benatar, The Hooters, Judy Collins and others at Carnegie Hall, in a benefit concert to celebrate Harry’s birthday and life.

As he performed “Remember When the Music,” according to the Circle, Springsteen said:

“Harry knew that it was going to take a lot more than just love to survive it was going to take a strong sense of purpose, of duty, and a good clear eye on the dirty ways of the world,” and he asked the audience to “do something” to keep Harry’s dream alive.


LOD 20 Finale – Courtesy of Rose Montana