GRAMMY and the IRS: Read The Recording Academy’s Latest Tax Filing

Deborah Dugan - Courtesy
Deborah Dugan - Courtesy

Deborah Dugan Ouster Sets Off GRAMMY Research


Deborah Dugan’s ouster as CEO of The Recording Academy has set GRAMMY research in motion.

The Recording Academy, the body that puts on the GRAMMY Awards, is a tax-exempt organization that files a special form with the IRS.¬† obtained the Academy’s latest IRS form and prints it here.

Dugan was put on administrative leave earlier this week allegedly for her management style. But her attorney said her dismissal came three weeks after lodging complaints about how money is being spent and voting irregularities at the organization. Read our story on Dugan’s dismissal here.

Read The Recording Academy’s latest IRS filing covering years 2013-2017: