David Haerle Music Proves You Should Come-a-Knockin’ When His Van’s Rockin’

David Haerle releases Go Do That With Sharon - Photo by Jenna Schoenefeld
David Haerle releases Go Do That With Sharon - Photo by Jenna Schoenefeld

Haerle Takes a Trip with ‘Go Do That With Sharon’


David Haerle has released “Go Do That With Sharon,” a raging rocker about taking the RV to the Salton Sea. It’s the first single off of Haerle’s upcoming sophomore album, Death Valley, to be released in the spring.

With the release of the great track, Haerle invites people to go along with him on a ride of sorts, and the payoff is an intricate sonic journey. But like the song says, the trip likely won’t be with Erica in the RV.

“Go Do That With Sharon” blends a folk simplicity with driving big rock guitar in similar style to “Something’s Happening” by Peter Frampton. “Go Do That With Sharon” starts out beautifully enough then takes a turn, not unlike an errant motorhome going around a corner on two wheels. The quality of the music and the recording is pristeen.

The Los Angeles-based Haerle said rock drives the whole album and from the sounds of things, it seems like the RV is being driven pretty hard too.

“We rock pretty hard in places,” Haerle said. “We take it way down in others. I sing about renewal, how we lose our way and then find our way back. There’s a lot of love and gratitude expressed on this record and hopefully people find beauty in some of what we have done.”

David Haerle Go Do That With Sharon - Courtesy
David Haerle Go Do That With Sharon – Courtesy

Haerle takes the time to consider the listener while he’s writing.

“The songs included on Death Valley were selected based mostly on feeling and what I thought would make a good listening experience,” he said. “Death Valley is the culmination of where inspiration took me during this period in my life.”

Haerle is a actually the third generation in his family to go into the music business., taking his passion into his working life. His grandparents co-owned the first “full time” country music station in Nashville, WENO. His father co-founded the independent label CMH Records.

Haerle picked up the guitar at 13, played in rock and alternative new wave bands during the 1980’s and ended up representing musicians as a top music agent at International Creative Management. When his father Martin passed away suddenly Haerle took over the family business and has served as president of CMH Records, known now as CMH Label Group.

His debut album Garden of Edendale was released in Summer 2018. His sophomore album, Death Valley, will be out in the Spring 2020 and “Go Do That With Sharon” is the first release from the 15-track collection.

David Haerle Go Do That with Sharon - Haerle
David Haerle Go Do That with Sharon – Courtesy

Track Listing for Death Valley:
I Want To Be Like Him
The Free Show
Go Do That With Sharon
Romy And Michele
Forgiving Myself
Ms. Bell
Smoggy Days
Self Made Man
The Groove Of The Record
Perfect Lover
Run And Be Free
Death Valley