George Michael Band Wham! Tells ‘Behind the Scenes’ Story for Hit ‘Last Christmas’

George Michael Wham! Last Christmas - Courtesy
George Michael Wham! Last Christmas - Courtesy


George Michael band Wham! uploaded a nostalgic “behind-the-video” look at their ¬†successful record-breaking single “Last Christmas.”

George Michael and friends enjoy chilly air, snowflakes and frosted hair in this 1984 video that accompanied arguably one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time.

It’s a simple holiday story — a bunch of 1980s young people celebrate the holidays together in a cozy winter ski cabin. And with a lot of snow, a ski lift debacle, and a lot of wine, the video proved to be a good bonding experience for the actors and the band.

Wham! – Last Christmas Behind the Scenes

Wham! also released a 4K remastered version of the video check it out here.