Deerhoof and The Raincoats Records Get Remastered by Kill Rock Stars

Deerhoof gets remastered California Rocker - Courtesy of Simon Fernandez
Deerhoof - Courtesy of Simon Fernandez


Deerhoof and The Raincoats have released remastered albums through Kill Rock Stars, it was announced. Deerhoof’s The Man, The King, The Girl (1997) and the self-titled The Raincoats  (1979) have both been given a digital sprucing.

The Man, the King, the Girl is officially acknowledged as the group’s debut album. The recording features the early Deerhoof core unit of Rob Fisk on bass and guitar, Greg Saunier on drums, and Satomi Matsuzaki on vocals. 

Deerhoof California Rocker - Photo by Gergely Csatari.jpg
Deerhoof gets remastered – Photo by Gergely Csatari.jpg

“It’s one of my favorite Deerhoof albums,” said Matsuzaki. “It’s chaotic, but it sounds so real, and our characters are so out there.”

“We didn’t really know what we were doing,” Saunier said. “But once we realized we were gonna be making an album, we would record all our practices and try to find magical moments…We’d get home after recording, and try to find all the most magical moments from the stuff we’d recorded. Making that first album was probably two years of compiling zillions of those tapes.” 

Deerhoof The Man The King The Girl gets remastered California Rocker - Courtesy KRS

Check out the Deerhoof album on Bandcamp.

The Raincoats ‘Godmothers of Grunge’

The Raincoats, considered the ‘Godmothers of Grunge,” inspired riot grrrls the world over and are celebrating more than 30 years of breaking all the rules. With the reunion of other popular girl bands from the 1970s through the 1990s, the time is right for the remastering of this classic self-titled album.

The Raincoats California Rocker - Courtesy

The Raincoats came together in the 1970s when Gina Birch met Ana Da Silva, and their mission to become one of the most important underground bands in Britain began.

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The Raincoats California Rocker

Check out The Raincoats on Bandcamp.