Daniel Caesar Hits the Right Notes with ‘Cyanide: Remix ft. Koffee’

Cyanide - feature
Cyanide - feature
Daniel Caesar 'Cyanide' - Cyanide
Daniel Caesar ‘Cyanide’ – Cyanide


The music by Daniel Caesar leaves a lasting impression, and it can keep the listener on a positive vibe for long afterwards.

Relationships blossom and sometimes wilt when not tended, Caesar seems to say in “Cyanide,” but it’s the simple things in life that keep the spark alive. Be careful not to put all hope into one area, Caesar’s latest work seems to indicate.

That’s because Caesar’s track “Cyanide” — and other works like it — represent a way of life and an upbeat attitude come what may, rather than solely verses and a melody.

Caesar, the popular “rhythm and blues” artist, makes a reggae story from “Cyanide” that despite the name, keeps the uplifting beat going strong. But Caesar should not be put in merely one category.

Caesar’s multi-genre style came to be known with 2017’s Freudian. The the hit, “Best Part” [feat. H.E.R.] earned the 2018 GRAMMY for Best R and B Performance. It also posted more than 500 million cumulative streams.

Cyanide by Daniel Caesar - Courtesy
Cyanide by Daniel Caesar – Courtesy

Other Daniel Caesar tracks have amassed millions of hits: “Get You” [feat. Kali Uchis] (225 million Spotify streams), “We Find Love” (63 million Spotify streams), and “Hold Me Down” (49 million Spotify streams), and in total, Freudian got 1 billion inside of two years.

At the JUNO Awards, it took home “R and B/Soul Recording of the Year.”

Daniel Caesar – Cyanide: Remix