Harry Styles is a Dog … or a Dreamy Boyfriend in SNL ‘Joan Song’ Skit

Styles-ish Chihuahua is Joan's Boyfriend

harry styles as a chihuahua
Harry Styles and Aidy Bryant in Joan Song skit on SNL - Courtesy NBC


Harry Styles made the most of his hour as a human in the clever “Joan Song” skit on Saturday Night Live.

But the audience never saw it coming that Harry’s prior incarnation was as Doug the Chihuahua and beloved new pet of the forlorn and mild-mannered Joan.

But is Harry actually a Chihuahua come to life, or is he only an imagined boyfriend conjured up by the sweet pet owner, played by Aidy Bryant?

Harry Styles Chihuahua and Aidy Bryant Joan Song SNL
Harry Styles is featured in ‘Joan Song’ with Aidy Bryant and Doug the Chihuahua – Courtesy NBC

The kindly, lonely Joan sings about her boyfriend leaving her and how her dog is better because he loves her for her body as well as her personality.

Then, just like that, Doug the Chihuahua is suddenly Harry Styles, doing all the things dogs do, including freaking out from the vacuum cleaner and going through Joan’s waste paper basket with his teeth. 

Harry Styles has chihuahua-like behavior on SNL - Courtesy NBC for California Rocker
Harry Styles has chihuahua-like behavior on SNL – Courtesy NBC

“Joan Song” is a beauty and well-played as the music hits a crescendo when the two humans hold hands and lament that Harry must “go back.”

The neighbors peering in at the odd site of Joan holding the Chihuahua aloft and singing to it, is the clincher in this adorable “reverse Cinderella” skit.

Check out the video ‘Joan Song’ here: